Behind the Scenes: 21 and Glitter

Here’s a behind the scenes look at my Birthday photo shoot!

Thank you to my cousin Miko for making this! You can check out more of his work here.

by Royce


Weeks 05//07: 21 and Glitter

29 Jan 17 – 4 Feb 17//12 Feb 17 – 18 Feb 17

A little over two months ago, my friends and I thought how fun it would be to do a photo shoot for my Birthday. The idea was to dress up in those cute animal onesies we saw on Instagram, and to blow glitter into the camera for that ~sparkle~ factor (hence, the name “21 and Glitter”). As the day of the photo shoot came closer and as my self-confidence grew, I brought up the idea of having some photos taken of me in my underwear… like just my underwear.


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Week 04: Yoga Lord

22 Jan – 28 Jan 17

With my recent weight loss, I am often asked what I’ve been doing. Everyone is almost always surprised when I say yoga. I don’t blame them. Before I went to my first class in 2015, I thought it would be so easy. What would be so hard about what looked like an hour of stretching? Because of that silly assumption, I would never forget the pain of sitting on my hips in child’s pose for the first time, and that was supposed to be one of the more relaxing poses.

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Week 03: Weight, What?

15 Jan – 21 Jan 17

You can tell from last week’s post that I have body issues. As an overweight person, it’s already a given that I have a fear of weighing scales. I was traumatized as a kid. In the 3rd grade, the doctor who performed our medical exams posted a chart of the weights of everyone in our class. Because it was posted on our classroom door, everyone (read: my classmates, their nosy parents, and our judgmental teachers) saw that I was indisputably the heaviest in my grade, by at least 5 kilos if I remember correctly. Of course, people took that as a cue to inform me of what I already knew.

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Week 02: Run for Your Life

8 Jan – 14 Jan 17

Let’s get one thing straight: I am not athletic. My body is not built for me to be athletic. I have always been a the fat kid, and being bullied for it throughout my whole life certainly discouraged me from doing something about it. A tragic fact about the people in my sphere: they laugh at me for trying to change. It’s gone as far as being told that I’ve gone way beyond the point of having a “normal”-sized body. So why did I sign myself up for a 5K?

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Week 01: Social Media Cleanse

1 Jan – 7 Jan 17

Because it’s the first for the project, I wanted to start off relatively easy (read: not much effort nor money needed). I would be giving up social media for a whole week. This is scary for me because I’m 20 years old and have FOMO (fear of missing out). Most days, about 90% of my time spent on my computer and on my phone is used to update my social media accounts and to refresh on my friends’ feeds, so going for a whole week without the things that keep my time occupied puts me at risk of dying… of boredom.

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