Week 52: Skydive

24 Dec – 21 Dec 17

Everything I had accomplished from the earlier parts of #theROYCEproject was put to the test last August. I just got out of my first semester in law school, and while not all of it was pretty, I got through it. A month into it, I was so close to giving up. I knew what giving up felt like, and as much as I hated that feeling, I equally hated how difficult school was, and I had no other choice but to go through it. For a while, I hated myself, too, because I should not have been feeling that way. From my five days in the last law school I went to, I had a taste of how hard it was going to be, and I spent a whole year preparing myself mentally, and convincing myself that it only gets worse from there.

I also thought of how grateful I should have felt. So many others would kill to be in my position. Not a lot of us get to go to law school in the first opportunity, let alone a second one. I owe it to the people who support me to do well. While this was not the best line of thinking, I went with whatever would make me stay because I also wanted to do it for myself. This is what would make me happy. This is why I’ve been stepping on weighing scales, jumping off mountains, stripping down to my underwear for a photo shoot—I needed to do this, and I did. Well, the first semester, at least. I’ve started to enjoy it, too, because after midterms, I found that I was pretty good at it. I don’t regret leaving the first law school I went to. It took whatever I went through—leaving, spending a year depressed, and doing something about it—to believe that I am capable of doing things I thought I couldn’t do.

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Week X: An Update

24 Jun 17

I’m not going to apologize for my three-month long absence from #theROYCEproject because I ran out of things to do, so I took a break. In reality, I was supposed to get a tattoo to address my fear of long-term commitment, but I had a beach trip planned for the week I was supposed to get one. If I had gotten one anyway, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the sea because I wouldn’t have been allowed to get my new tattoo wet. Even when I returned, I found that I couldn’t afford to get one, and I can’t allow myself to borrow money from my savings just to do it. Plus, I wasn’t even sure if I could get one because of the restrictions for getting into the Bar.

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Week 11: Scuba Diving

12 Mar 17 – 18 Mar 17

This week’s challenge was more of something I wanted to check off of my bucket-list than something I was scared of doing, but it still scared me, nonetheless. Except for me and my younger sister, my family are licensed scuba divers. I hadn’t thought of getting certified myself because I’ve been told that because of my weight, I would only have a hard time trying to scuba dive. With the progress I’ve made in becoming a healthier person, however, I found the courage to go for it anyway, regardless if it’s going to be challenging or not. As I’ve said previously, anything that’s going to stop me from being me is not worth a single mili-second of my time.

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Week 08: Flying

19 Feb – 25 Feb 17

This week’s #theROYCEproject is extra special because I went to Tokyo, Japan! I didn’t go to Japan specifically to do #theROYCEproject, but because my aunt was participating in the Tokyo Marathon, and I was part of her official support team.

Official members of the unofficial Philippine team

We had a few days to explore Japan before the actual marathon, and I came across the paragliding experience advertisement while I was booking a Mt. Fuji tour for my mom and my aunt. This had been on my bucket list for half a decade, ever since I saw it in the movie The Intouchables. And why wouldn’t it be on everyone’s bucket list? It may be the closest thing human beings could do to have working wings, and the views were sure to be breath-taking, not only because they’re beautiful, but because you’re thousands of feet up in the air with nothing but a parachute and the wind to keep you afloat.

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Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, part two

Good morning

I woke up from a Disney dream, and found myself in another one. Last night was beautiful—raving with Paint the Night parade, crying over the fireworks, and dancing through Park Promenade. It was a few minutes before six, so the sun had not risen yet. Even though my sister and I spent another hour exploring the hotel before going to bed last night, I felt well-rested. The light in our room was soft, and a calming breeze kissed my cheeks when I stepped out onto our room’s balcony.

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Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, part one


  • Hong Kong Disneyland Resort = the entire Hong Kong Disneyland Resort facility, including Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, Park Promenade, Inspiration Lake, the defunct ferry pier, and the Disneyland Resort station
  • Hong Kong Disneyland = the Magic Kingdom-style theme park

Everything I’m about to say about Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in one paragraph

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is often criticised for its small park, mostly for its lack of attractions, but a lot has changed since opening day. Three new lands (what Disney calls its themed areas) have been added to the original four, and two of those, which are graced with two of Imagineering’s best works, are unique to Hong Kong. Beyond the park, the hotels host a variety of activities that bring just as much magic as the attractions in the park do. There is something for everyone to enjoy, and for guests going on their first, second, or subsequent visits, a little mixing up of their itinerary for a day or two at the resort can feel like a genuinely new experience. Still, be wary of the other guests. The difference in culture could be felt; expect to be pushed by strangers, and to race for a table when eating, among other things.

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