Week 12: The Interview

19 Mar 17 – 25 Mar 17

Less than two hours after hurdling over my last weekly challenge, I received my next one. The law school I applied to emailed me to inform me of my admissions interview, which was scheduled in three days. As if that alone hadn’t already made me anxious, I got another email telling me that I, along with all law school applicants in the Philippines, was required to take another exam. The results of that exam were going to be sent to my law school as an additional requirement for my admission.

I’m not going to lie; I allowed myself to get into a panic attack. At that point, after nearly a year since dropping out of law school and three months of doing #theROYCEproject, I still didn’t have a clear reason for going back, or for pursuing that career. My hair was also a crazy shade of purple, and thinking about changing that back to black for the interview when I still wanted it to be purple slowly killed me.

White hair, don’t care

Thankfully, a long shower and a nap on the beach helped me get over my self-induced panic attack. Scuba diving took care of my hair problem. Being in the sea for that long washed away all traces of purple, and now my hair was ridiculously white. It looked pretty good, too. As for wanting to become a lawyer, I reminded myself of how much I love helping people. It’s my passion. I wish I could have done it as a profession by becoming a doctor, but I’m already working towards becoming a lawyer. That’s not a terrible thing. It’s actually pretty fantastic. Someday, I’d want to work for the UN, bridging refugees to another country that would welcome them as human beings, or fighting to save ancestral lands from economically- and self-motivated corporations. That’s what I told my interviewer, and he seemed impressed with my answer.

He also asked me how I was preparing for law school, to which I answered that I’ve been going to therapy to help calm my nerves. He followed up by asking if I’ve been talking to other law students. Having been one myself, I explained that I was in law school last year, and I came clean about dropping out. I said that I didn’t give myself enough time to adjust to the new situation beforehand. I also wasn’t a fan of the culture the other law school promoted, and since the law school I was applying to now was where I did my bachelor’s degree, I was hoping that adjusting to a new environment was one less thing to worry about. Simply put, I wasn’t ready then, but I am now.

His secretary called me in for a debriefing. He explained that my test results were good, and that the professor who interviewed me was satisfied with what he heard. After telling me that I still had to take that one exam, he offered me admission to the school. As soon as I get the confirmation email, I’m saying yes. Hello, law school.

by Royce


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